To celebrate the launch of our new iPhone Live! Podcast, the iPhone blog revved up yet another contest!

Every week, on both the iPhone Live! and Phone different Podcasts, we here at TiPb each chose our favorite iPhone accessories (courtesy of the TiPb iPhone store!), and added them to the prize pack.

Who qualified, what accessories made it into the Ultimate Pack, and most importantly... WHO WON?! after the break!


  • Week 1: Facebook Fan Tara Bennett!
  • Week 2: Twitterer John Gallagher (JohnG_NYC)!
  • Week 3: TiPb Forum member, mszatny!
  • Week 4: New Forum registrant Spazzola!

Prize Pack

iPhone Live! #1

Phone different #30

iPhone Live! #2

Phone different #31

And the Winner is!

Facebook Fan Tara Bennett!

Congrats Tara!

We'll be contacting you soon about your prize!

AND TO EVERYONE ELSE: You still have a chance to win an iPhone 3G with accessories! (Not to mention a BlackBerry Bold, HTC Windows Mobile FUZE, Palm Treo Pro, and Google Android G1). Check out our 2008 SPE Round Robin threads for more!