The Withings Activite is a connected fitness monitor cleverly disguised as a Swiss-made analog watch.

The Withings Activité is a smartwatch that is cleverly disguised as a classic and traditional Swiss-made watch. The charm of this $390 wrist-worn accessory isn't in that it can juggle many tasks at the same time, after all the watch can't show you notifications for missed calls or messages, but rather the watch shows off the elegance in simplicity with a traditional analog-looking clock face.

Just as you won't find yourself staring at the mechanical gear of an automatic Swiss watch, the Activité won't show off the funky digital notifications of a connected smart watch like the premise behind Google's Android Wear. It has a big analog dial and begs users to tell time the old fashioned way. A secondary dial housed within the same watch face will allow you to track progress, which you can customize via the iOS app.

iPhone users can set what this secondary dial measures, whether it is steps taken or calories burned, via the app.

The watch's round face, leather band, sapphire screen, and battery that lasts for a year with use makes it a great wrist companion for those who don't want to fuss with technology and the pains of nightly charging.

As a sleep tracker with a built-in accelerometer, the watch can gently vibrate and wake you up in the morning when you're at the lightest point in your sleep cycle so you will be able to get up more refreshed.

The Activité watch will go on sale this fall.

Via: Withings

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