WordPress.com gets its own desktop app for OS X

Blogging platform WordPress has announced a its first desktop app for OS X, which will allow you to manage blogs built using WordPress.com. The release of the Mac app goes right along with the completely rebuilt WordPress.com

Just as with the redesigned web interface, the new desktop app allows you to manage all of your WordPress blogs in one place, update your page, and respond to comments, and find new blogs to follow. From WordPress:

Use the desktop app to focus on your content and design with no other browser tabs to distract you — or to keep your sites sidelined but accessible. Build your site anywhere, in whatever way helps you get your best work done: the app is powered by the same technology that runs WordPress.com, creating a seamless experience for publishing and browsing whether you're in a browser, a mobile app, or the desktop app.

WordPress has also open-sourced the entire codebase for WordPress.com on GitHub to allow anyone to play around with its publishing tools.

You can download WordPress.com for Mac directly from WordPress themselves for free.