Are you out of shape? Are you so flabby that even the tightest pants can't control your bouncing badonkadonk butt? Haven't seen your genitals in years? Well put down that jelly donut and grab your iPhone, because a few minutes of daily workout and a site called Gyminee can help whip you into shape in no time.

Check this out. Point your iPhone to gyminee.com/iphone, sign up for a free account. And from there you can download how-to videos and view them right on your iPhone. Watch as instructors show you various proper exercise routines. Once you get off on the demos, you can track your workout right from Safari. Pretty cool.

Openings are limited however, as the program is only available to beta testers. So sign up today. I haven't tried this service out myself because at 5.9' and 145lbs, weight loss isn't exactly on my ToDo list. Friends tell me if I get any thinner I can be used as a coat hanger. Har.