The 2010 World Cup is kicking off (ha!) and I'm curious -- how are you following along on your iPhone or iPad? Now, like Nokia, many generational North Americans aren't as familiar with the biggest soccer/football event on the planet, but I'm sure there are tons of fans incredibly invested in just which team brings home the gold from South Africa this year.

  • Are you using Safari and staying up to date over the web? If so, what site brings you the fastest updates with the information you want most? FIFA's official site? Your local team site? Sports station? Fan site?

  • Are you using an app or multiple apps to get the game on? Which ones do the job best for you? What features make them key? Push notifications for

  • And, hey, if you have a top soccer/football game and use that to play along with the pros, throw your favorite in as well.

I just got off a plane people, I need my World Cup fix, help me (and each other) out!