So it's November, have you seen the iPhone 3.2 beta? We've been over this before -- iPhone 2.2 beta was released on September 25, 2008 and the final version was made available on November 21. So where's 3.2?

Yes, Apple hasn't announced iPhone 3.2, so we can't really call it delayed, but then Apple never announces anything in advance -- all we have are historical patterns and market realities.

Was Apple waiting to integrate iTunes LP and iTunes Extras? They've done that for Apple TV 3.0 already. Where's the iPhone and iPod touch love?

We've already postulated what other features they could be exploring, including Google Maps updates with Latitude (and now, of course, Google Maps Navigation), but given the strained relations, rejection of the former, and brand-new beta status of the latter, 3.2 might be too early. Likewise, Zune HD competitive features like 720p video out.

With the onslaught of new Android software, like HTC Sense UI, MotoBlur, and Android 2.0, could Apple have decided to raise the level of this update? A few minor tweaks were certainly possible for a standard schedule iPhone 3.2, but would Apple delay their frequent update cycle in order to make a more impressive version?

We're not going to get our hopes up, but if Apple is getting ambitious, if Scott Forstall and team are going to "blow us away", we're willing wait. If not, then where is it?