The Retina MacBook Pro has been with us for almost a full year now. The 15-inch version came to us by way of WWDC 2012, and frankly was unlike any laptop computer ever seen. The incredible 2880x1800 resolution Retina Display had to be seen to be believed, and just like that Apple had the best laptop display ever produced.

The Retina MacBook Pro now also comes in a 13-inch form factor too, and the display is equally stunning to look at. Combined with a slimmer profile compared to the non-Retina MacBook Pro's, it's a remarkable piece of hardware.

But, the Retina MacBook's are quite expensive sat next to their non-Retina counterparts. Those displays don't come cheap, and the 13-inch versions are $300 apart for the base models while the lowest priced MacBook Air can be had for $999, a full $500 less than the cheapest Retina MacBook Pro.

For me, the jump has been irreversible. From an 11-inch MacBook Air to a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, I just couldn't go back. The MacBook Pro is portable enough to haul around on the road, and the Retina Display is simply too good to turn my back on.

And that's where you come in. We want to know what you, the iMore readers think. For your next MacBook purchase, would you still consider buying a non-Retina version? Is the form factor and highly portable nature of the MacBook Air more important? Or do you really need the Superdrive that, for now at least, comes on the regular MacBook Pro? Vote in the poll up top, and let us know why in the comments below!