There's a rumor that has been doing the rounds suggesting that a 13-inch 'iPad Maxi' could be on the cards for 2014. While we're pretty skeptical over any accuracy at all on this one, it does raise an interesting question. Should there ever be a larger than 9.7-inch iPad, would you want to pick one up?

There's an obvious, if niche, market for a larger display iPad. Folks with a design-centric profession for example could be appreciative of a larger display, as could medical professionals, or even schools. More room to view, more room to do, and still retain an air of portability over something like a MacBook.

And then there is the MacBook range to consider. Apple sells full laptop computers from 11-inches through to 15-inches, and while the touchscreen could be a bonus to some, iOS just doesn't have the raw computing power of OS X.

So, what say you, the iMore readers. Would a larger iPad appeal to you? What aspects would make it a compelling option? Or, are you of the opinion that you would just pick up a MacBook? Throw a vote in the poll above and drop your thoughts in the comments below!