Would you want health sensors in your Apple EarPods? [Poll]

How would you feel about Apple putting health sensors into their next-generation EarPods headphones? There are a ton of health-related rumors swirling around iOS 8 and Healthbook, the iPhone 6 and even the still-mythical iWatch, and forward deploying sensors into wearable electronics, including headphones, is clearly the future. But is it the imminent future? Would you want it to be?

The discussion around this possibility stems from a post on Secret concerning the idea that Apple's EarPods could start reading heart rate and blood pressure. That EarPods could get smart and conceivably tie into the iPhone and other Apple devices via Bluetooth LE and/or Lightning connector may sound far-fetched, but would it still sound that way 5 years from now? More?

The contextual awakening is coming. One day almost all electronics will be smart to some degree. The question is, do you want your EarPods to be smart or is that very literally too close for comfort?

Vote in the poll up top and tell me why or why not in the comments below!