Our friends over at Android Central have been up in New York City today as Verizon has unveiled the Droid MAXX, a new Android phone from Motorola with a claimed 48-hour battery life. Remarkably, the MAXX isn't as thick as you might expect it to be, though it's got added girth to another new phone, the Droid Ultra. So, thickness or not, would you want to buy an iPhone with a 48-hour battery life?

Apple puts a huge amount of time and resource into the design of the iPhone, and frankly what they squeezed into such a sleek package is still a remarkable feat of engineering. A huge battery stuffed in the back would inevitably increase the overall device thickness, but thickness would also give more space to add in more cool hardware like a better camera. Lenses like depth, so more thickness would provide extra space for optics, and we would get a better camera. Apple's obsession with thinness hampers both of these things; there's only so much physically you can fit into such a small package. But is this obsession hampering the possibility for features their customers crave?

Honestly, having been a full-time Android user in the past, I'm still pretty impressed with the iPhone 5 battery life. It's not 48-hours by any stretch of the imagination, but it gets me through the day usually without looking for a charger. I do know though that there's a lot of folk out there who literally tear their hair out looking for a charger by lunchtime. So, what do you think? 48-hour battery life sound good, or are you more attached to your sleek and thin iPhone? Drop your vote up top and your thoughts in the comments below!