Like our sister site, WMExperts, we're looking for writers here at Phone different as well. You may have heard that Mike is now our "Editor Emeritus" during the Phone different Podcast and as a result things are getting awfully lonely around here. Come on, join us, give us some company.

Send an email to jobs@phonedifferent.com with the subject line "Writing for Phone different" and some info in the body:

  • What sorts of writing you're interested in. We need reviewers for accessories and software and also regular bloggers.
  • A sample blog post or brief (less than 500 words) review (try to show that you can match our snarky-nerd-fanboy tone and/or can be objective in a review)
  • Tell us how often you would be able to submit posts or articles

Please just send text email - no attachments or resumes or whatnot. Yes, we're looking to pay you for your efforts and no, our great team of folks who have been posting reviews and blog posts aren't going anywhere.