Write for Mac has just been updated to version 1.1. It's a big update with a ton of new features fixes and performance improvements. Write is a very popular note taking and Markdown writing app for Mac.

Here's the changelog for version 1.1 of Write:

  • Major performance improvements
  • Menu bar app with ScratchPad and quick access to favourites
  • Dark Theme
  • More compact file listing with a new "Compact View" option
  • Super minimalistic note only view
  • Unordered sub-lists will be auto-indented on pressing tab
  • Ability to import existing Tags from Finder
  • Tags no longer need to begin with capital letter
  • Drag Drop directly into writing area support for images and files
  • Full screen writing will have type writer mode by default
  • Exported HTML will have CSS style sheet inline
  • Ability to use up down arrow keys to browse through files in centre panel
  • A lot of new keyboard shortcuts (for entire list refer to in-app documentation)
  • H1 to H6 #'s will be auto-indented to the left for a cleaner look
  • Ability to favourite a file by right clicking it from file list
  • Exit out of full screen mode by pressing Esc key
  • Ability to open a new note by right clicking the dock icon
  • Ability to "Show folder on top"
  • New Panel below file list to create "New folder" and access "Sort options"
  • Global Hot Key to create a new note (Cmd + Control + N)
  • Yosemite inspired dock icon and traffic lights

A big update to one of our favorite Markdown clients on Mac. Do you use Write? Let us know what you think of today's update below in the comments!

Download Write - $9.99

Don't forget to check out Write for iPhone and iPad!

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