Here are your WWDC 2013 iPhone and iPad wallpapers in full Retina splendor!

WWDC 2013 has been announced, and that means there's a logo and a lot of people trying desperately to read its tea leaves. Jokes on them -- logos don't steep well at all. What they do do, however, is look awesome on iPhones and iPads. So rather than try to measure the exact flatness of any of the gradients contained therein, I'm content to do what we usually do when these kinds of things come out -- make them into wallpapers.

Here's the WWDC 2013 logo sized for Retina iPad and iPhone 5. If you have a non-retina iPad 2 or iPad mini, or a 2:3 aspect ratio iPhone 4 or 4S, no worries, they'll scale and crop just fine. To get them on your device, just save them to your Camera Roll, go to the built in Photos app, tap on them, and choose them as your Lock screen wallpaper, Home screen wallpaper, or both.

The white version for iPhone is below. Since bandwidth for the larger image files can get nuts, we're hosting the iPad version, as well as iPhone and iPad versions in black (my personal preference) on the iMore wallpaper forum.

If you don't already have an account, it's free, and you can log in with Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, or Google so there's zero overhead, and zero reason not to head on over there now, grab your WWDC wallpapers, and for nostalgia buffs, a bunch of other retro Apple event wallpapers as well (like the oft-requested iPad mini event wallpaper.

Enjoy, and don't forget to post a screenshot of your iPhone or iPad sporting its new dubdub duds!