Feral Interactive has announced plans to offer Mac gamers who have already purchased XCOM: Enemy Unknown some new challenge with XCOM: Enemy Within, the upcoming expansion pack for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Mac gamers will be able to get the expansion pack at the same time as their PC counterparts - it's being released November 12, 2013 for $29.99.

XCOM: Enemy Within brings new challenges to the turn-based action-strategy game developed by Firaxis. XCOM: Enemy Unknown puts you in control of a global defense team focused on saving the Earth from a terrifying alien invasion. The game combines base management and tactical turn-based combat.

Enemy Within expands the game with new soldier abilities like gene modes, "MEC" suits, new weapons and equipment, new enemy threats, a new strategy resource to exploit called "Meld," new challenges and maps and new multiplayer enhancements.

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