The XGear Folio Carbon Fiber Case for iPad is slim, strong, and sexy, with a suede interior and what feels like a darn-near bullet proof outer shell. In sharp contrast to the plush, old-world, executive leather of the Marware Eco-vue, the XGear Folio is sleek, futuristic materials and textures. It adds considerable protection against scrapes and scuffs, if not as much against shocks and drops.

The cover is double-jointed and can be folded back to prop the iPad up for easier typing or viewing in landscape mode, or to keep it standing for a portrait-mode picture frame.

You secure it closed or folded back with a little, tuck-in flange. I'm not crazy about that. It works but the sight of it when it's not tucked annoyed me. The elastic band, like the old-school moleskins, seems more elegant. Score one for retro.

There aren't any interior pockets or slots of cards or papers, but given the slim nature of the folio that's fine.

What you get with the The XGear Folio Carbon Fiber Case for iPad is no more and no less than a super-strong external shell that'll keep your iPhone safe and otherwise stay out of your way. Check out the video above and photos below, and if you like what you see, it's available now from the TiPb iPad accessory store.


  • Carbon fiber exterior
  • Slim profile for easy stowing
  • Easily propped up for typing, viewing


  • Minimal impact protection
  • Flange is annoying

TiPb review rating

TiPb iPad 4-star rated

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