Xiaomi MiBand

The Xiaomi MiBand may not be a product iPhone owners are overly familiar with, but the low-cost fitness tracker will very soon have official support for Apple's mobile OS. Having been talked about since the product launched, a video has now been released by XiaomiShop.com that shows the MiBand working just fine with the iPhone 6

Coming in at around $13 on the exchange rates, the MiBand is one of the lowest cost fitness bands around. Despite no official availability in the U.S. or Europe there are multiple retailers that will happily import one from Asia, and it's a great way to track your daily activity and sleep patterns without breaking the bank.

There's no sign of the companion app at the time of writing, and hopefully it'll be readily available as the Android app is in Google Play, and not region restricted. If you're curious, check out some first impressions on the MiBand at the link below from Android Central where you'll also find a video showing off what's what.