Sweden-based Micro Systemation recently demonstrated on video just how easily their desktop software for military and law enforcement can crack into an iPhone. With a few quick reboots, XRY can not only dig out the phone's unlock code, but can also personal data, GPS locations, messages, and a log of keystrokes. Though Micro Systemation wouldn't go into specifics on how they go about doing all of this, they said the process is similar to jailbreaking, and they're constantly keeping up to speed on the latest iOS and Android updates. Though the video below shows the process happening pretty quickly, more complicated passwords can make the crack take infinitely longer - sometimes too long to be worth it.

Of course, this kind of software is used exclusively by law enforcement agencies of various kinds around the world, so there's no need to worry about some random hacking into your phone with this software. Of course, Micro Systemation isn't responsible for how police and military use the software once they've been certified by local governments.   In California, cops don't even need a warrant to search your phone.

We all know that our iPhones are highly personal items and can store a lot of sensitive information on them. As scary as it might be that the cops can get access to it in a heartbeat, it's only really an issue if you've done something wrong, isn't it?

Source: Forbes