Yahoo search on iPhone

Fire up Safari on your iPhone or iPad today and you'll most likely find Google as the default search engine — but if Yahoo has their way that might change. Users have the option to change from Google to other search providers such as Bing or Yahoo, but Google's had the default spot locked down for some time thanks to the handsome sum they've been paying Apple for the privilege. But Microsoft's Bing is the default search used in Siri, so count that as a win for Redmond. Yahoo isn't too happy that Google holds the crown jewel default search in Safari, and they're apparently aiming to convince Apple to change that.

Re/code has learned from sources at Yahoo that the company has plans to aggressively change their mobile strategy. At Yahoo there is project aimed at building a viable mobile search engine and monetization platform. Yahoo hopes to use this platform to convince Apple to change the default search on iOS to their offering.

No deals or announcements are expected soon, instead this is just an internal goal for Yahoo. Considering the likely exorbitant amount that Google is paying for the privilege of being the default in Safari, it'd likely be an expensive one for Yahoo to achieve as well. But we're curious nonetheless: do you, or would you, use any other search engine in Safari besides Google?

Source: Re/code

Maybe the plan was hatched something like this? - Rene