Yahoo releases Yahoo! Weather for iPhone

Yahoo has released a brand new weather application for iPhone, presenting a great deal of information with a crisp, clean user interface. Opening the app displays a large photo from near your location, and the current temperature is prominently displayed, with the high, low, and current conditions sitting atop it.

Scrolling down will reveal the hour-by-hour forecast for the next twelve hours, and below that sits the outline of the next five days. Further down, you will find the “Detail” panel, which shows the current atmospheric conditions, humidity, and visibility, along with a written description of what to expect that day and that night. There is also a map of your area that can be expanded to take up the entire screen, displaying temperature, wind conditions, and radar, as well as precipitation, wind/air pressure, and sunrise/sunset panels. Every one of the panels under the forecast section can be rearranged by grabbing and holding the upper right-hand corner and dragging to your desired position.

Tapping the menu button in the upper left corner slides your content over to show you your available cities, allowing you to edit which ones you see. Under that you’re given a list of Yahoo’s other iPhone apps, with links to view them in the App Store or open any of them you have installed. You can also change units from Fahrenheit to Celsius under “Settings”, send feedback, and, of course, rate the app.

Yahoo has created an app that is very slick and user friendly, while at the same time being very information-rich. This is a solid weather app that will get you the weather information you need, when you need it, they way you want it. If you want to check it out, it’s available in the App Store right now for free.

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