flickr ipad

Yahoo has launched an update for its Flickr iOS app that finally brings a native iPad interface for its photo storage service, but there's a big catch: It requires iOS 8 to be installed on the tablet

If you have taken the plunge and updated your iPad with the latest OS from Apple, you can now install the new Flickr app. In a blog post, Yahoo says:

Catch your favorite moments with our powerful camera, then bring them to life on your screen with high resolution images - we're talking up to three million pixels per photo! Improve photos and videos with live filters and a set of professional editing tools on iPad, then explore with our new search features. Quickly and easily search your photos and the photos of the Flickr community without any need for tags or additional photo information. And with 1000GB (aka 1TB) of free storage, you can upload all of your photos - not just your favorites!

The app also uses the new sharing features in iOS 8 to allow users to quickly share their images with others. If you own an iPad, what do you think of the new Flickr update?

Source: Yahoo

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