Y Combinator's sixth request for startups (RFS) is more than a little provocative, stating that they think Apple's upcoming iPad is meant to be a Windows [and Mac OS X?] killer:

Most people think the important thing about the iPad is its form factor: that it’s fundamentally a tablet computer. We think Apple has bigger ambitions. We think the iPad is meant to be a Windows killer. Or more precisely, a Windows transcender. We think Apple foresees a future in which the iPad is the default way people do what they now do with computers (and some other new things).

They think that while developers won't like Apple's control, users will love the price and that it "just works". Further, the opportunity is there for devs (and their investors, 'natch) to provide the apps people will want -- and more interestingly -- create apps no one has even thought of yet. (To do for the iPad what spreadsheets and web browsers did for the desktop).

Oh, and then there's business:

One particularly interesting subproblem is how to introduce iPads into big companies. This will probably have to be done by stealth initially, as happened with microcomputers. They'll have to be introduced as something individuals use, and which doesn't really count as a computer and thus can't be vetoed by the IT department. Don't worry about this; it's just a little tablet computer.

Y Combinator does seed funding for startups, so they're going to be putting people's money where their mouths are on this. While there's likely a good deal of purposeful hyperbole injected in the "Windows killer" line, could there also be some truth in it?

[Y Combinator via Daring Fireball]