When you have greater diversity in the process, you have greater diversity in the system and, ultimately, the results. That diversity benefits everyone by bringing us all a better, brighter future faster. And that's exactly the goal of App Camp For Girls 3.0. The future, however, seldom comes without cost. The great news, at least in this case, is that the cost of App Camp for Girls 3.0 is being crowd sourced on Indiegogo.

App Camp For Girls is on a mission: we encourage girls to pursue app development as a career by teaching them how to make iPhone apps in a fun, creative summer camp program under the mentorship of women developers. We are shifting the gender balance in our industry. App Camp 3.0 is the next stage in bringing the program to more girls in more locations!

It's a great cause and one that affects everyone in the tech industry directly. Please consider giving and giving generously. For all of our futures.