You can now like and follow on Tumblr right from Notification Center

Tumblr has updated their app for the iPhone and iPad, adding new options for alerts, including the ability to take action on notifications. Users also have new ways to login to the app. There are also improvements to the app's accessibility, as well as smaller helpful enhancements.

Users can now receive notifications for asks, answers, and fan mail. The Tumblr app has also added interactive notifications to the app, letting you swipe an alert to the left from the lock screen or Notification Center to either like a post or follow a blog.

Tumblr now supports 1Password. Just tap the lock icon on the login screen the next time you want to sign in to the app, and select the 1Password action extension. Choose your Tumblr account from the list, and your username and password details will be filled in.

If you use two-factor authentication, Tumblr has also added support for Authy. When taken to enter your one-time login key, tap the Open Authy button to be taken to account in the app, where you can then copy your key and go back to Tumblr. The app will automatically paste the key for you.

There are a couple of other smaller improvements. If you feel that the Tumblr app is taking up too much space, go to the settings and tap the new "Smash cache" button to clear the app's cache. There are also some small design enhancements.

You can download Tumblr 3.8 from the App Store now.

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