A twelve year old boy and his mother have been left in a state of shock after a Siri on demonstration model of an iPhone 4S insulted them. The iPhone 4S was being displayed in a Tesco’s supermarket in the UK and earlier in the day pranksters had messed around with Siri and set its owners name as a seven word string of insults.

A lad of 12 who tried out the new iPhone 4S in Tesco was stunned when it told him: "Shut the f\*** up, you ugly t\***."  The phone's Siri system, which answers spoken questions, came back with the foul-mouthed insult when Charlie Le Quesne asked: "How many people are there in the world?"

Staff were informed of the way Siri was responding to questions and agreed to immediately remove the iPhone 4S from display. They went on to explain that the phone had been tampered with and its owner’s name changed to reflect the bad language that had been heard. Siri often says its owners name when answering questions hence the way it responded in this case. Tesco claims to have returned the iPhone 4S to Apple for further diagnostic tests.

In other words, s*** happens. Similar to photo bombing or loading up adult content on web browsers, there will always be those who seek to take advantage of live demo units. Dummy units would solve this problem but greatly reduce the ability of consumers to test and evaluate devices prior to purchase.

Source: The Sun