Young penguins find gaming on an iPad easy and lots of fun tooOne of the main reasons that the iPhone and iPad have proven to be so popular is how easy they are to pick up and use. Nothing demonstrates this more than a video of penguins using an original iPad to play a game . The iPad was loaded with the app “Game for Cats” and soon enough, the penguins became extremely curious and started following the on-screen mouse around the screen.

Sure enough when Jeremy and Newsom noticed the iPad in the exhibit they both waddled on over. Jeremy was the first to try it out but Newsom was the one that really got into it. Stalking the virtual mouse intently he tried to pick it up repeatedly with his beak. Newsom especially seemed to like the squeak that the mouse made when he put his beak on the virtual critter. The mouse was self reinforcing for this penguin. Newsom set the penguin high score of 1600 for the game.

Normally male penguins have other things on their mind this time of year however these two boys are a little too young to think about that. Instead, while all of the older male penguins are trying to impress the opposite sex, they can enjoy a few hours using an iPad and not feeling so left out of all of the excitement going on around them.

You can see the penguins in the video below. Try not to get too concerned when you hear the sound of their beaks hitting on the iPad's glass screen. I am sure it has a screen protector on there!

Source: Aquarium of the Pacific

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