Advertising provider Appsfire has a new ad unit, but this one's not always going to be in your face: if only appears when you pull to refresh. Dubbed "Brichter-San", after the Loren Brichter, creator of the pull-to-refresh gesture, the ad unit is hidden until a user performs the gesture. The ads are native, and right now purely focused on apps, and pull their content all from Appsfire's servers.

When you pull down to refresh, the app inserts an ad above the loading animation. Because it's natively coded, developers can customize how the ads are displayed to better suite their apps. Once the content is updated, the ad stays in place, though with a dismiss button.

If you happen to tap on an add, what you get is just like Appsfire's other ads: a recreation of the App Store listing for the advertised apps. Those app listings open over the app you're using, and a tap of the cancel button makes it go away. It's good to see more creative ways to display advertising in apps, especially since this won't be overwhelming users with ads all the time. Though it could be annoying to have an add appear and need dismissing every time you pull-to-refresh an app.

Source: Appsfire; Via: TechCrunch