Yovo throws its hat into the private messaging ring

Yovo is a new messaging app that focuses on privacy. Yovo specializes in ephemeral messaging, so messages will disappear after you look at them and their timer expires. The app has a number of privacy-focused features for sharing pictures and messages.

Yovo lets you blur your photos and prevent screenshots. The app can obscure the screen to prevent screenshots or recordings of messages sent to you. You can also blur details in photos, using a slider to choose the degree of the blur, and pinch-to-zoom to determine the area of the blur. Photos can either be taken directly in the app or chosen from your library.

Your messages sent through Yovo are private, and on a self-destruct timer, like with many messaging apps. You can determine who can see the conversation, and for how long. You can set the timer on photos and videos as high as twenty-four hours. You can also share your photos on social media, sending your friends a single-use link to view the image or message.

Yovo also has a timeline that lets you view posts by your friends. These too are subject to the app's timer. You can tap the fist on a post to like it, and see comments on the post as well. You can also copy a post's link, report, and remove a Yovo from your timeline.

Yovo for iPhone can be downloaded from the App Store now.

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