While Google may taketh away with one hand, they giveth with the other, as is the case with the new Zagat application for iPhone. Zagat has been available on Android since late 2012, and provides a service to discover nightlife and restaurants in selected cities around the world. Picking up a little where the Google+ local app leaves a gap, Zagat's arrival on iOS means that at least a part of Google's local search services remains separate from their main bank of apps.

Zagat is a little more than just finding a restaurant on a map, though. Besides pretty comprehensive listings for venues that include locations, opening hours, contact details and menus – the usual kind of stuff – it also provides curated lists picked out by the Zagat team such as "bars where you can escape the heat in NYC."

The design is pretty typically Google; bright, full of images and it follows their usual card based interface design. It's actually a pretty nice app to use, with the only real limitations the lack of cities supported. Outside of the U.S., it appears only London has any support, and even within the U.S. it's pretty limited. Hopefully that'll improve in the future, but I'll be keeping this close to hand when I visit New York City later this year. Grab it from the App Store now, it's totally free, and see what you think? Happy to see this finally arrive on iOS?

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