From the creators of Cut the Rope comes King of Thieves, a new freemium multiplayer game now available for iPhone and iPad. Sporting high quality art and animations, players are tasked with avoiding deadly traps, competing to break into customized dungeons to steal enemy gems and gold. The only problem is the player dungeon will come under attack too so it's best to invest some time in building some defences.

And since it's a multiplayer title, you'll have to remain on top of the evolving threat from other players. Could you become the wealthiest thief in the world? If not, there are always guilds to join to help bolster your efforts and focus on that seemingly unbeatable thief. 80 single-mode levels are available, as well as user generated content for the time when you'd like to dive into the unexpected.

Everything in King of Thieves comes down to the leaderboard. Your job is to top it. Download King of Thieves from the App Store today.

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