A few days back we mentioned how a developer claimed that his lighter application was blatantly ripped off by the lighter company Zippo. As you all know, there are always two sides to every story, eh... in this case 3 sides. Well TiPb received comments not only from Zippo but from Moderati as well.

Here is what Zippo had to say:

Zippo was approached by three different companies interested in developing our branded app for iPhone and the iPod touch at approximately the same time last summer. We evaluated each proposal and chose to pursue the opportunity with the partner that we determined to offer the best app, the best capability and that also shared our vision for the app's distribution plan (including free download) and process. We’re confident that we partnered with the company, Moderati, that was best able to deliver the product that Zippo wanted. To make it clear, neither Zippo nor Moderati stole the idea for this app.

Shortly after I was contacted by Zippo I received a comment from Moderati as well:

Hi from Moderati - where we've been developing virtual concert lighters for mobile phones for a long time...in fact, check out this link in Wireless Week from 2005, when the iPhone was probably just a twinkle in Apple's eye: http://www.wirelessweek.com/wallpapers-with-a-purpose.aspx

So there you have it folks. We now have 3 sides to this story. Who's side will you be standing on?