Zombie Ragdoll lets you shoot zombies out of a cannon

Zombie Ragdoll is a physics-based game that sees you shooting zombies out of a cannon into various sharp objects. You have a limited number of zombies that you can fire in each level, and you must use each of the sharp objects on a level to kill zombies before you can move on to the next one.

There are also obstecles to be mindful of that will prevent you from sticking zombies to the various axes, spikes, and buzzsaws around the level. When you complete a level, your remaining zombies are automatically fired into a large, deadly object, netting you bonus points. Various power-ups and abilities, such as a trajectory ability, help you find new ways to kill your zombies. These are gained through coins, gems, and energy, which can be earned from play, or bought with an in-app purchase. Entertaining and easy to play, Zombie Ragdoll is worth a look, and you can grab it for free on the App Store.

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