Zombies, Run! is a fitness game for the iPhone which has now received Kickstarter funding of over 400%. It is an adventure type game where you have to physically take part. You do this by running in the real world, in your area, collecting medicine, ammo, batteries and spare parts. Clues and instructions are sent to you via your headphones while you are running.

Zombies, Run! is about making the thrill of running even better with a game and a story delivered through your headphones. We’re making running more fun, more exciting, and more addictive for everyone from couch-to-5k newbies to weekend joggers and marathon runners. And Zombies, Run! works anywhere - in a park, along a beach, in the city, even on treadmills!

When you use Zombies, Run! It records all the information you would expect from other fitness apps such as distance, time, pace and calories burned. Even better they say they are very keen to add in RunKeeper integration; but it’s not a done deal yet.

The Kickstarter program is still open for a few more days; so if you want to be one of the first to get involved with this exciting new game, you still can. There are various pledge options available to suit all. Unfortunately you will have to wait until February 2012 for the game to be made available.