Mark Zuckerberg was asked about a Facebook app for iPad today during Facebook's mobile event, and his response to Mashable's Ben Parr was that the iPad isn't mobile. Parr countered that Apple would disagree with Zuckerberg, to which Zuckerberg said "well, sorry". Former Android lead and current Facebook mobile head, Eric Tseng then intercepted the question and said they were still working on their strategy for tablets and that, as a new form factor, it required a new approach. Parr extrapolates:

The real hint to Facebook’s iPad plans, though, is that Tseng focused on the form factor and not iOS. This could mean that Facebook’s looking to build an HTML5 version of its website optimized for tablets. At the very least, Facebook seems intent on keeping a consistent experience across all tablet devices.

In the meantime though, Tseng points out that Facebook is accessible via the iPad through the official website (which is pretty darn functional) and through

Whether iPad is "mobile" or "portable" is debatable. What's not debatable is that iPad runs a mobile operating system, iOS, which doesn't allow websites to access the Photo picker, so you can't upload pictures or video. You need (forgive me) an app for that. And using the iPhone app on the iPad just isn't a great user experience.

Twitter understands this. Many third party Twitter app developers understand this. Frustrated users certainly understand this. The question is, why doesn't the 20-year old billionaire genius get it?