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We're lucky enough to have some of the best digital cameras ever made at our disposal these days. Wouldn't it be nice to display those fancy photos or help the grandparents see fresh images without having to pay for printing and shipping? You can do just that with digital photo frames. They take up less room than photo albums, have built-in smart features, and look great in any home. You've upgraded from a flip phone to a smartphone and maybe from a desktop to a laptop, right? Why not step up from old-fashioned photo frames to digital? I've handpicked the best digital photo frames of the year, and I can't wait to show them to you.

Nixplay Large Photo Frame Render Cropped

A smart frame: Nixplay smart digital picture frame

Staff Favorite

Some products billed as smart are lacking intelligence. That's not the case with this sleek Nixplay digital frame. It's a generous 15.6-inches and is viewable from across a room. You share photos and videos to the frame via the free Nixplay app, and it updates your collection of pics automatically. The matte black finish is stunning and wall-mountable, and the internals include a 1920x1080 FHD IPS display, motion sensors, and Alexa compatibility.

Aluratek 7 Inch Wood Digital Frame Render Cropped

Best for your budget: Aluratek 7-inch distressed wood frame

You don't have to spend money outside your comfort zone to get in on the latest and greatest digital photo frames. The Aluratek has a 7-inch SVGA LCD and distressed wood frame. This model reads SD memory cards and USB drives, so it's a cinch to add photos. Photographs are bright and vibrant, and the wood-looking frame blends in with any decor. Perfect for your office cubicle, a dorm room, or a bedroom, this small digital photo frame showcases your best work and is simple enough for anyone in the family to use.

Skylight Digital Photo Frame

Best looking: Skylight Wi-Fi digital frame

Many of today's best digital photo frames look like pieces of technology. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but this frame from Skylight doesn't distract from or compete with your current decor. In a word, it's gorgeous. This is a 10-inch Wi-Fi frame that looks and feels like a traditional frame. Goodies include a touchscreen display, effortless setup, and quick photo transfers from an email address to the frame.

Pix Star 10 Render Cropped

Best resolution: Pix-Star 10-inch Wi-FI frame with IPS

When you want your photos to come to life, you want this model from Pix-Star, one of the best digital photo frames of the year. The 9.7-inch IPS display supports video and photo playback, and the whole thing works over Wi-Fi. The Pix-Star sets up in minutes and stores up to 30,000 pictures. Transfer pics from a USB stick, your iPhone or Android, social media, the cloud, or a memory card, and you're good to go. A built-in motion sensor turns this photo frame on when someone approaches and back off again when no one is within view. Bonus: you can even receive daily weather updates with this model.

Photoshare Digital Picture Frame Render Cropped

Best matte options: SimplySmart PhotoShare

PhotoShare from SimplySmart has an 8-inch black frame and comes with three interchangeable mattes. It holds over 5,000 photos, displays HD photos and videos, and works with iPhone, Android devices, SD cards, USB, and Google Photos. Pictures go from your phone to frame in seconds, and there's a built-in clock and calendar, making this model a fantastic desktop or nightstand accessory.

Aura Carver White Digital Picture Frame Render Cropped

Best storage: Aura Carver

Beveled edges, Alexa compatibility, and a bright display are a few of the features we love about the Aura Carver. This 10.1-inch HD digital photo frame also comes with unlimited photo storage. Now that's something we can all use. You send photos remotely via an app, and they show up seconds later on the Aura Carver. Get this impressive smart frame in charcoal or white.

Feelcare 7 Inch Render Cropped

Best wall mountable: Feelcare smart Wi-Fi frame

The Feelcare is a slender 7-inch smart digital photo frame that's wall mountable. Finally, a digital picture frame that doesn't need to be propped up, taking up valuable space. This glossy black frame has Wi-Fi, 16GBs of storage, a touchscreen, and an IPS LCD panel. Hang it on the wall in portrait or landscape mode. Photos and videos are sendable from any Android or iPhone.

Atatat Digital Frame Render Cropped

Best remote: Atatat digital picture frame

With a crisp HD IPS screen and wide viewing angle, the Atatat digital photo frame gives you a clear, detailed view of pictures and videos from anywhere in the room. This frame comes in black or white, auto-rotates, has a slideshow mode, picture zoom, and comes with a remote that you can use to cycle through images or add and delete anything from your collection.

Aeezo Digital Picture Frame Render Cropped

Best touchscreen: AEEZO Wi-Fi digital picture frame 2K

This contemporary frame from AEEZO gives you a touchscreen to control the settings and add and remove images and video. It has a big 10-inch IPS 2K screen that displays images in 2048 x 1536 resolution. You'll get 16GBs of internal storage, giving you enough room to store about 30,000 photos. If you're in search of a modern-looking digital frame with a touchscreen, you just found it.

Our final thoughts

More than a few generations of digital photo frames have come and gone now. The years between the first release and today have led to a less complicated installation and more pleasurable viewing experience. My top pick this year is the Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame. It's compatible with Alexa, has built-in Wi-Fi, and looks fantastic on any wall or coffee table. The Nixplay is a thoughtful gift for grandparents who may not have the patience to fiddle with setup. Your photos can be emailed to the frame or sent from the app, and they display on their own without any further interaction required. Best of all, this energy-saving mode automatically turns on when someone walks into the room and shuts off when no one is present.

If you want to keep costs down, you can't beat the Aluratek 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame. The wood frame is beautiful, and the small 7-inch TFT LCD is just the right size for exhibiting photos in your office cubicle, dorm room, or on an end table. The Aluratek pulls photographs from memory cards, USB drives, and your phone. What could be simpler?

And if you want a contemporary-looking frame, go with Skylight. The 10-inch screen shines bright, pictures travel from phone to frame over Wi-Fi, and the setup is effortless.

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