Best digital photo frames in 2023

We're lucky enough to have some of the best digital cameras ever made at our disposal these days. Wouldn't it be nice to display those fancy photos or help the grandparents see fresh images without paying for printing and shipping? You can do just that with digital photo frames. They take up less room than photo albums, have built-in smart features, and look great in any home. You've upgraded from a flip phone to a smartphone and maybe from a desktop to a laptop, right? Why not step up from old-fashioned photo frames to digital? I've handpicked the best digital photo frames of the year, and I can't wait to show them to you.

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If you have one of the best digital cameras, you'll want a good display to show off your work. More than a few generations of digital photo frames have come and gone now. The years between the first release and today have led to a less complicated installation and a more pleasurable viewing experience.

My top pick this year is the Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame. It's compatible with Alexa, has built-in Wi-Fi, and looks fantastic on any wall or coffee table. The Nixplay is a thoughtful gift for grandparents who may not have the patience to fiddle with setup. Your photos can be emailed to the frame or sent from the app, and they display on their own without any further interaction required. Best of all, this energy-saving mode automatically turns on when someone walks into the room and shuts off when no one is present.

If you want to keep costs down, you can't beat the Aluratek 8-Inch distressed wood frame. The wood frame is beautiful, and the small 8-inch LCD is just the right size for exhibiting photos in your office cubicle, dorm room, or on an end table. The Aluratek pulls photographs from memory cards, USB drives, and your phone. What could be simpler?

And if you want a contemporary-looking frame, go with Skylight. The 10-inch screen shines bright, pictures travel from phone to frame over Wi-Fi, and the setup is effortless.

Jodi Owan

Jodi Owan works behind a keyboard and a camera. She's a freelance writer for iMore, Android Central, and Windows Central.