Microsoft Edge browser on Mac now supports Read Aloud

Edge on Mac
Edge on Mac (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Read Aloud is rolling out to Microsoft Edge on Mac.
  • The feature allows users to listen to text using Neural Text to Speech voice.
  • The feature improves the browser's accessibility.

Microsoft Edge for Mac can now read text aloud to users. The feature improves accessibility and also gives users another option for consumer content.

Microsoft Edge is in the process of switching into a Chromium-based browser on all platforms. The developer and canary channels of Microsoft Edge are Chromium based on both Windows 10 and Mac.

The Read Aloud feature allows users to browse the web who are visually impaired or would like to have text read to them for any other reason. It's also a nice tool for proofreading documents.

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Microsoft Edge blends the design of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and Mac. It fits in well on Mac devices while still looking familiar to Windows 10 users. You can sign up to test the browser on Microsoft's website.

  • Serious question. What benefit to users does Edge offer vs. that we can't get from Safari? I'm hoping there might be something. Because Chrome is a massive memory hog (and holds status as the Internet Explorer 6 of the current age), and Firefox doesn't do diddly for me.
  • Edge for Mac is the new version of Edge, which is built on Chromium the same as Chrome, however Microsoft are working hard to make the Chromium base use less resources. It’s still in Beta at the moment, so I wouldn’t expect anything great yet