As our forums keep gaining more and more members the threads just keep getting better. Here are some of the latest and greatest Jailbreak-related threads from the forums today!

The first thread is a pretty straight forward poll, are you Jailbroken or not? As of right now the amount of members Jailbroken are way ahead of those who choose not to. So what about you?

Next thread comes to us from BKSinAZ, and he asked the following question. If he is using AT&T, is there any reason to jailbreak? I'm sure all of our readers who are currently Jailbroken can give BKSinAZ some reasons on why he should.

A lot has been said recently about the legality of Jailbreaking your iPhone. So is it a surprise that there are a few threads revolving around that topic? Be sure to check these two threads out: Jailbreak Illegal - What now? Restore? and Apple Says Jailbreaking is Illegal.

For everything that is Jailbreaking Apps... be sure to check out the forums iPhone Jailbreak Apps section. You will just begin to scratch the surface of what is exactly available to you.

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See you on the forums!