Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary for Mac builds leaked

The new Microsoft Edge built on Chromium is still in its early days, and the preview version for Mac has yet to be released. But that hasn't stopped the Dev and Canary builds for macOS from being leaked.

WalkingCat, a Twitter user known for his Microsoft leaks, has dug up the download links for the Edge Dev and Canary builds on Microsoft's servers (via OnMSFT). Each still remains available for download and can be installed and run on your Mac if you're willing to give these early releases a look.

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We were able to run the Dev release without issue. The only hitch we encountered was that Edge would frequently state safe websites were dangerous.

Because Microsoft hasn't officially opened up testing for the new Chromium-based Edge on Mac yet, as it has for Windows, it's likely you may encounter some issues with these builds. Otherwise, the Edge Dev and Canary builds should work much as they do on Windows, but with some slight design tweaks that haven't made their way to Microsoft's own OS just yet.

If you'd rather wait for Microsoft's seal of approval, the Mac version is still listed as "coming soon" on Microsoft's Edge Insider site. The Windows version, however, is available for testing.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster