Microsoft launches beta version of Skype for Web

Microsoft has unveiled Skype for Web, a browser-based version of the VOIP service. Currently in beta, Skype for Web functions just like its native desktop counterpart, with voice and video calling and text messaging. The beta is available for Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox on Windows, and Safari 6.0 or later on OS X.

In order to use the Skype for Web beta, you will need to download a plug-in before your first call, although Microsoft is working on removing this requirement at some point in the future. Being a beta, there are some issues present in this initial form. Known issues include increased battery consumption on OS X, as well as increased time to connect when placing an outgoing video call.

Invites for the beta will roll out over the next few months. Some new and existing Skype users are already receiving theirs. To check your invite status, simply sign in with your Skype account on the Skype website.

Source: Skype

Joseph Keller

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