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Any Sprint customer, even those with old phones, can enroll in insurance this month

Normally the offer is off the table the instant you walk out the door with your new phone, but for the month of June any customer on Sprint will be able walk back in that door of no return and purchase insurance for their device. The offer doesn't change the price or service at all β€” it's still $11-a-month for the Ausurion-provided loss/theft/damage replacement, or $13/month for Total Equipment Protection Plus which adds in data protection as well. Prepaid customers on Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile can get coverage for $8 each month.

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Sprint takes device security to a whole new level with latest comprehensive package

Sprint has a new protection plan for both your phone and the data on it. Dubbed "Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plus", the plan costs $13-a-month-per-device and adds data security, automatic media backups, and personalized tech support on top of the existing damage, loss, and theft insurance that is part of the standard $11-a-month Total Equipment Protection package.

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AT&T to include the iPhone in its standard insurance from July 17

AT&T has updated its insurance terms and from July 17 it will also cover the iPhone. The insurance program covers your phone against loss, theft, accidental damage including liquid spillage and mechanical / electrical failure. The insurance package costs $4.99 a month plus there is an excess of between $50 and $125; depending on which model phone you have.

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Pre-order iPhone 4, Insurance, iPhone 4 contest, Jailbreak iPhone 4, Black or white? - From the Forums

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Would you pay AT&T $13.99/month for MobileProtect iPhone insurance -- with a $199 deductible?

BGR got their hands on a leaked AT&T document that purports to show a new iPhone insurance program called MobileProtect that will cost you $13.99/month and include a deductible of $199 for an iPhone 3GS 32GB. ($99 for the iPhone 3G 8GB)

You must enroll in the plan within 30-days of upgrading/purchasing a new iPhone. AT&T is launching this service as: β€œLack of iPhone insurance is a leading source of iPhone related customer complaints.”

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Best Buy to Offer iPhone 3G S Insurance

So we all know that AT&T, for whatever reason, does not offer insurance for any iPhone. It seems as if Best Buy is now stepping up to the plate to offer it's customers some iPhone 3G S insurance, Geek Squads Black Tie Protection.

This is great news for some of you but keep in mind it comes at a pretty hefty price. Normal cell phone insurance via Best Buy will cost you anywhere from $7 to $10 a month. Not the case with iPhone 3G S, Best Buy has raised this fee to a cool $15 a month. This premium fee is most likely due to the full retail price of the 3G S being so high at $599 and $699.

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