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Hosted by iMore's veteran crew --  Luke Filipowicz, Karen Freeman, and Stephen Warwick -- The iMore Show is your go-to source for information about the iPhone, iMacs, and all things Apple. Be more ... iMore! Join the thousands of other Apple fans who tune in once a week. Episodes below, or subscribe here.

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Luke Filipowicz
Luke Filipowicz

Luke's been talking about Apple since he got his first iPhone in college — the only difference now is someone put a microphone in front of him.

With a ton of knowledge and hands-on experience, Luke loves talking about his personal experiences with his favorite Apple tech and how they impact his daily life. He's a firm advocate of technology being financially accessible as smartphones, wearables, and other devices have become essential in the modern world. He's been a writer for iMore for the past size years and can't wait for the next six. When it comes to the iMore Show, Luke aims to make it as informative, fun, and personal as possible.

Luke's always open to hearing from listeners, readers, and anyone else about their experiences, questions, or comments, so feel free to reach out to him on Twitter @LukeFilipowicz (opens in new tab).

Karen S. Freeman
Karen Freeman

Karen has been fascinated with Apple products since buying the iPhone 3G in 2008. She started writing about Apple in 2010 and has been doing so ever since, besides a stint working as a retail specialist in the Apple Store in 2017 and 2018.

She has been a contributor for iMore since 2018 and began co-hosting the iMore Show in January 2021. In addition to her work at iMore, Karen is a part-time teacher. Karen is a fan of film, television, and entertainment in general; she squeezes in work as a movie extra whenever the opportunity comes her way.

Karen brings a broad perspective to the iMore Show, having had a completely "analogue" childhood, witnessing the birth of the internet as a young adult, and raising three children in the early days of the digital age.

Feel free to reach out to Karen with on her social media or via email, she loves to hear from listeners with comments, questions, or show ideas.

Stephen Warwick
Stephen Warwick

Stephen is your regular host of the iMore show, delving into the latest in breaking Apple news, as well as featuring fun trivia about all things Apple.

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