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Beta time!

Apple releases fourth developer beta of iOS 10.3

What you need to know

Rumored 10.5-inch iPad Pro said to have screen resolution of 2224x1668

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Mint SIM is the perfect way to get cheap data in the U.S.

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Monitor your home office in real time with this $39 Wi-Fi camera



Developers only!

Apple releases fourth beta of watchOS 3.2 to developers

macOS Sierra

macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beta 4 arrives for developers


CloudBleed: What you need to know

I โค๏ธ my iPhone SE

iPhone SE is better than iPhone 7 Plus for one-handed gaming

Give me some space!

Turn your Nintendo Switch into the ultimate console with a microSD card!

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Everything you need to know about the AT&T Unlimited plan

Users Guide

The third public beta for iOS 10.3 is here! This is how you get it

User Guide

Apple releases third public beta of macOS Sierra 10.12.4

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Get a lifetime of unlimited mobile backup from iDrive for $19.99

Everything you need to know!

iPhone 8 will reportedly feature 3D-sensing FaceTime camera

Developers only!

tvOS 10.2 beta 3 now ready for developers

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We're giving away the new full-grain leather slim wallets from Pad & Quill

From 'OW' to 'WOW'

Hi, I'm an iPad Pro! โ€” 'We hear you' brings classic feel to new ads

Touch ID for all!

Why Touch ID makes the MacBook Pro the best Mac ever

๐Ÿฃ + ๐Ÿ + ๐Ÿ’Ž = ๐Ÿ‰

Pokรฉmon Go Gen 2: The ultimate guide!

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iPhone 4S name and design leaked by iTunes

A leak in iTunes may have settled the rumors and debates about the design and name of the next iPhone. iTunes 10.5 beta 9 includes image files for the new iPhone - and they look exactly like the CDMA iPhone 4. Additionally, the files reference the new handset as 'iPhone 4S'. Both of these findings are exactly what TiPb has been hearing all along.

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Apple working on curved-glass display for the iPhone 6 in 2012?

Randomly accurate rumor site Digitimes is once again beating the drum on rumors they spurred up back in May about Apple prepping a curved-glass design across iOS devices including the iPhone 6 for 2012.

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Probably not iPhone 5 cases leak

More reports are springing up that the next generation iPhone 5 will feature a thinner, tapered hardware design based off images of 3rd party silicone cases. Now this is not the first time we've come across rumors of what the new hardware will look like. It all started as early as April when we heard about a completely new design and then again earlier this month we heard similar reports of a thinner and lighter device.

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Microsoft is square, Apple is roundrect, Google is...?

Clayton Miller's Interuserface takes a look at the iconic shapes behind today's biggest mobile companies, and while Apple, iPhone, and iPad are obviously roundrects (rounded rectangles), their competition is just as geometrically aligned:

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Is linen the new brushed-metal?

After a brief flirtation with pock marks, Apple embraced into the linen texture in a serious way with iOS 4, making it the background for both the multitasking fast app switcher dock, and for the open view of folders. Both of these UI metaphors were supposed to be "behind the scenes", with the iOS screen literally opening up to reveal them. With that was meant to convey the padding beneath the armor or the t-shirt beneath the jacket, who's to say? In the iOS 5 betas, however, Apple has gone all in on linen. While iOS 4 kept linen subtle and dark, iOS 5 brings lighter shades as well. You can find it as the background to the welcome screens when you update or re-install the OS. You can find it behind the new Notification Center when you swipe down from the title bar. Also, for the first time you can find it in OS X as well, in beta for Lion.

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Apple still tweaking Notification Center UI ahead of iOS 5 launch

iPad Live 57: Punch and pie

iPhone vs. Android app UI

Android Gripes, which I'm guessing is an homage to the terrific Adobe UI Gripes blog, has posted up some screenshots of iPhone apps side by side with their Android counterparts.

When I use an iPhone and an Android phone at the same time, I often find that apps from the same company look a lot different on these two platforms - the ones on Android usually look much worse.

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TiPb iPhone and iPad wallpaper of the week!

Remember that TiPb iPhone and iPad wallpaper contest we had going in our forums? We didn't forget about it, but I don't think we made it exactly clear what we were looking for either. So to kick things off (again), we've picked our first winner, the forum member who submitted the beautiful wallpaper they made above.

Think you can make a killer wallpaper? Jump over to our thread and submit your iPad or iPhone wallpaper for your chance to win. We'll be picking a winner every week. Each winner will have their wallpaper put on the front page of TiPb as well as receive $20.

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iPhone 4 redesign, Vapor case contest, Apple Music Event predictions/reactions, iOS 4.0.2 battery drain - From the Forums

The TiPb forums are naturally a great place to talk, commiserate, celebrate, get help, and offer advice to your fellow iPhone users. In order to create a new thread of your own or reply to any of the existing threads, you must be a registered member. Becoming a member is easy and free so if you havenโ€™t already head on over and register now!

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