Get the most of out your new iPhone 12 battery

Anker Charger Clear Large
Anker Charger Clear Large (Image credit: Anker)

The new iPhone 12 comes packed with lots of cool upgrades and goodies, but it also ships without one crucial item: an AC adapter. Say what?

Obviously, you're going to need a plug that does the iPhone 12 justice, taking advantage of its ability to charge at 20W.

As always, we have suggestions. Here's how you can get the most out of your new iPhone's battery.

Keep software updated

Apple's software needs to be kept up-to-date. New OS releases include things like advanced energy-saving technology. To get more out of your battery, you'll want to regularly check for updates or set your phone up to update automatically when new software is pushed out.

Store it half-charged

If you're setting aside your phone for the weekend or a week-long vacation, experts agree that storing your phone while it holds about half a charge is best for the long-term health of your battery.

Consider removing the case when charging

Some iPhone cases don't play nice with heat

Cool as they may be, some iPhone cases don't play nice with heat. If you find your iPhone feels hot to the touch while charging, it's best to remove the case while you're juicing it up, and place it back on when your phone reaches 100-percent. Not overtaxing your iPhone with extreme heat or cold will not only extend its life today, but also into the future.

Get a high-powered plug

Anker Charger Box Contents

Anker Charger Box Contents (Image credit: Anker)

Since the iPhone 12 ships sans AC adapter, you're going to need to pick one up. We recommend the Anker Nano. It's a compact, high-power wall plug that can charge your iPhone 12 three times faster than a proprietary charger, plus it'll keep your other devices in business.

With 20W output, the Anker Nano supports the iPhone 12's fast-charging protocol, which means you can plug in, charge up quickly, and get on with your day. The Anker Nano adds 50 percent charge to your iPhone battery in just under half an hour. It's fast, efficient, and one of the best iPhone 12 chargers on the market today.

If you're bummed your new iPhone 12 arrived void of a wall charger, get the all-new Anker Nano on sale now.

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