Etekcity's smart light switch is on sale for $12.99 during Amazon Prime Day. The switch completely replaces your current light switch and allows you to control lights with your voice, smartphone, or simply by touching the switch as you'd expect. You need to use the code "AC4AGX85" to get the discounted price. The switches usually cost $18.98.

The switches don't require a hub to work with other devices. In addition to controlling your lights on demand, you can also schedule timers and schedules for your lights. The switches can also work in conjunction with IFTT to help them coordinate with other parts of your routine.

When it comes to making your home's lights smart, there are two ways to go; smart bulbs and smart switches. There are pros and cons to each, but one of the benefits of smart switches is that they're cheaper in the long run than smart bulbs. When you replace your light switch with a smart switch, you can still use cheaper standard lightbulbs while still having smart functionality.

Light it up

Smart Light Switch by Etekcity

Versatile control

This smart switch works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It also allows you to set schedules and timers for your "dumb" light bulbs.

Elekticity makes smart bulbs and smart switches, as well as many other smart devices, so if you use a combination of them in your home, you can control them all from within the same app.

The deal started on July 14 at 12:01 AM and runs until 11:59 PM on July 24, 2019.

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