I tried out the Anker Nano and haven't used my Apple wall charger since

Anker Nano Render Cropped
Anker Nano Render Cropped (Image credit: Anker)

Iphone Next To Anker Nano

Iphone Next To Anker Nano (Image credit: Anker)

Most of today's electronics and toys are portable. That's a good thing, except for the part where they all require frequent charging to stay in working order.

I love having wireless devices at my disposal for every imaginable task, but I'm less thrilled with waiting for them to juice up every day.

My iPhone is a crucial piece of my toolbox, and I'm betting you can say the same for your phone. It keeps me connected to my work and family when I'm on the road or at home, and I count on it more than any other device I own. Still, keeping the battery in the green is a chore.

I've tried, traveled with, and tested more than a dozen AC adapters this year. They all worked just fine, but none were faster than using Apple's proprietary charger, and almost all were big and cumbersome. What's the point of making an investment if the outcome is the same?

Then I found the Anker Nano.

Why use a non-Apple charger?

Ac Adapters Side By Side

Ac Adapters Side By Side (Image credit: Anker)

If you bought the new iPhone 12 this year, you received it sans charger. Claiming it was better for the environment, Apple skimped on packaging materials and necessities and gave you a phone without a way to charge it. If you're a new Apple user as of the iPhone 12, you need a wall plug.

If you own an iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max, you were lucky enough to get a fast-charge cable and wall charger. It pumps 18W into your iPhone, but the plug is blocky and oblong and not at all like the sleek iPhone.

And if you have an older iPhone, you're stuck with a slow cable and a 5W charger. It'll take hours before you'll be able to use your phone after plugging it in.

You can increase the speed at which your iPhone and other devices charge by going with this fast-charging 20W plug from Anker.

Anker Nano In Hand

Anker Nano In Hand (Image credit: Anker)

The all-new Anker Nano is a minuscule wall charger that's 50 percent smaller than Apple's 18W charger, and it tops off your batteries three times faster than Apple's 5W square charger.

Anker uses IQ 3.0, their proprietary tech, as opposed to PD. It's compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge, Power Delivery, Apple's Fast Charging, Samsung Fast Charging, and more. In other words, it's universally compatible and can handle the needs of smartphones, tablets, and other USB-C portables.

You'll get 20W of charging power with the Anker Nano. To put it more plainly, a 15 minutes charge on the Anker Nano will give you three hours of video playback, and that's impressive.

The Anker Nano isn't just for iPhones. It's also compatible with your Apple Watch, Android phone, AirPods, iPad, and most other USB-C stuff.

Real-world testing

Whats In The Box

Whats In The Box (Image credit: Anker)

On paper, I love everything about the Anker Nano. Sometimes though, things look better on paper than they perform in real life. So, I unboxed the Nano, chucked it in my backpack, and took it on a work trip to see how it measured up. My iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Apple Watch, and a few other electronics also went along for the ride.

My iPhone battery was in the red by the time I stopped for the night. I used a Lightning to USB-C cable, connected it to the Nano, and slid it in the wall outlet at my hotel. As promised, 15 minutes on the charger did yield three hours of fresh battery life. It also topped off my other devices in record time, never overheating or feeling hot to the touch.

The following morning I topped off the batteries on a fitness watch, Apple Watch, and an Android phone, and all before I had breakfast. I packed up again and hit the road, but not before realizing I'd forgotten to put the Anker Nano in my bag. Not wanting to lose it, I slid it in the front pocket of my jeans, where it disappeared. Yes, it's that tiny.

Toys And Anker Nano

Toys And Anker Nano (Image credit: Anker)

How did the rest of the weekend go?

On the plus side, I loved taking only one wall charger with me. I saved space in my bag and didn't fret about looking for various plugs before leaving my hotel. That's a win! The Anker Nano worked without issue on a flagship Android phone, iPhone, iPad, AirPods, a fitness watch, and a camera battery charger. No complaints at all about usage.

There are two things I'd like to see out of Anker in the future and one you should be aware of if you own an iPhone 11 or earlier model. First, this isn't a foldable plug. This is almost a non-issue because it's so small, but the prongs caught on a few things in my bag, reminding me why I really preferred plugs that collapsed in on themselves.

While I'm nitpicking, there's also no LED indicator light that lets you know your device is charging or that your battery is full. You can always check the screen on your phone or the indicator light on your headphones to make sure things are working as they should, of course, but it's easier to glance at the wall charger. On two occasions, I plugged my iPad into a non-working outlet and didn't realize it until I checked back later.

Lastly, if you own an iPhone 11 or older phone, your handset didn't come with a high-speed charging cable. To get the most out of the Anker Nano, you'll need to buy a charging cable separately.

Anker Nano In Laptop Sleeve

Anker Nano In Laptop Sleeve (Image credit: Anker)

I've been using the Anker Nano exclusively since returning home. I love that it's petite enough to tuck in a desk drawer, fit in a laptop sleeve, or set on a shelf without becoming the center of attention. When not on the move, the lack of a folding plug is less of an issue.

The 20W output on the Anker Nano is speedy and efficient. It takes advantage of the iPhone 12's fast-charging protocol, so you can plug your phone in, charge quickly, and get on with your day. You'll add a 50 percent charge with the Nano in just under half an hour to your iPhone, Android, and other portables.

Anker Nano In Palm

Anker Nano In Palm (Image credit: Anker)

There's a ton of subpar quick chargers out there today, but the Anker Nano is not one of them. For your money, you'll get a one port power supply that fast-chargers USB-C devices in record time. And unlike other small chargers, the Nano does not overheat or even get warm to the touch.

If you want a perfectly packable portable USB-C charger that lives up to the hype, you want the Anker Nano. It's a little plug with immense power.

And hurry, it's on sale now, but this is a limited-time offer.


  • Tiny
  • 20W
  • Stays cool
  • Efficient
  • Affordable


  • Prongs not foldable
  • Lacks LED indicator

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