RAMPOW's 61W charger is portable and powerful

Rampow Charger Hero
Rampow Charger Hero (Image credit: iMore)

I live out of a backpack for more than half the year. With a limited amount of room to play with, I need to justify every inch of my pack. In my day to day life on the road, less truly is more.

The battle I face most often is with propriety wall chargers, which are always bigger, bulkier, and heavier than they need to be. When traveling with multiple devices, I pack and carry numerous wall chargers, all of which take up unnecessary room.

After lugging around not-so-portable wall chargers, I was thrilled to hit the road with the RAMPOW 61W PD USB-C wall charger. It's small, lightweight, and can power all my gadgets without wasting space.

All the wall chargers the RAMPOW has replaced

Multiple Chargers

Multiple Chargers (Image credit: iMore)

As a working writer and photographer, my backpack holds all the tools of my trade. That includes cameras, a laptop or two, a tablet, a fitness tracker, e-reader, and a phone. Packing individual chargers for every device is the type of overpacking I try to avoid.

Since all my devices are USB-C, it stands to reason that one wall charger could replace the five or six I usually carry.

First impressions blew me away.

Size matters

Rampow And Mbp Charger

Rampow And Mbp Charger (Image credit: iMore)

The biggest power brick in my arsenal is a MacBook Pro charger. The giant square power source is heavy, unwieldy, and a genuine pain to pack, lug from place to place, and repack.

RAMPOW's 61W wall charger is half the size of a MacBook Pro brick and significantly smaller than the MacBook Air charger. That's a win! The weight also scored points in my book. A MacBook Pro charger, minus the power cord, weighs in at a whopping 7.2-ounces while the RAMPOW barely tipps the scales at 3.65-ounces.

In addition to being pint-sized, the RAMPOW comes with a foldout plug, making it even more compact. It small enough to fit in your hand, a backpack zipper, or even the pocket of your pants.

Real world testing

Plug In Rampow Charger

Plug In Rampow Charger (Image credit: iMore)

The RAMPOW wall charger accompanied me on a weeklong journey across the country. I left all my other chargers behind, relying only on the hope that RAMPOW would keep my devices topped off all day.

Backed by GaN Technology, which helps to give it its miniaturized form, and Power Integration (PI), my expectations were high. I hoped to make this Power Delivery (PD) charger my one and only. It's compatible across the board with most USB-C devices.

Product Side

Product Side (Image credit: RAMPOW)

The RAMPOW delivered. With 61W of power output, it took my MacBook Pro from 0-100-percent in less than two hours. If I only wanted to top off my laptop's battery, I got a solid 50-percent charge in just under half an hour. My MacBook Air, tablet, e-reader, and fitness tracker were also compatible and quick to recharge.

The RAMPOW wall charger never felt hot, popped in a socket, or failed on any device I tested.

Rampow 61w Wall Charger In Hand

Rampow 61w Wall Charger In Hand (Image credit: iMore)

If I must nitpick, I wish there was an included USB-C cable in this package deal. It's unnecessary, but since proprietary cords aren't always up to snuff, I'd love to see a RAMPOW high-quality cable come standard.

There's a whole sea of subpar PD chargers out today, but the RAMPOW lives up to the hype. This little guy so wows me, I've given it a permanent place in my backpack. The RAMPOW is a reliable, fast, super small wall charger that comes with a lifetime guarantee. If you travel or need a fast charger at home, throw the RAMPOW in your cart now.


  • Tiny
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable plug
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No charging cable included

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