Pre-Ordering the iPhone 8? Protect it with a new Speck Case (Sponsored)

Apple celebrated the tenth-anniversary of the iPhone in a big way, releasing three new phones with the most high-tech features yet. On September 12, Apple unveiled not one, but THREE new phones — and a whole slew of amazing new upgrades.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models seem familiar: these two phones are direct upgrades from the existing models. However, the third model, the iPhone X, is a whole new ball game. With an OLED edge-to-edge screen, no home button, and a powerful new camera system, this is like nothing we've ever seen before.

Prices for the iPhone X start at $999, so this is an investment you're going to want to safeguard with your life. Speck is here to help: rather than lay your life on the line, consider getting a protective case from their Presidio line. These cases have everything you need to keep your shiny new phone looking good and working great.

With three new models being released at once, there are a lot of features you can pick and choose from. No matter what version of the iPhone you upgrade to, one thing is certain: Speck cases are the way to go if you want to give your phone the best protection out there. Here's how they're built to take care of the new line of iPhones.

Three words: Built-in screen protection

The new iPhone X has a bezel-less, OLED screen that unlocks using facial recognition. Bezel-less means the phone has no edge. Instead, the display stretches from edge to edge of the iPhone X, meaning it needs more protection than ever. And those OLED screens? It's a major upgrade from the usual LCD model. OLED offers stunning colors, true blacks, a million-to-one contrast ratio and wide color support with the best system-wide color management in a smartphone, according to Apple. Speck's Presidio cases have a raised edge around the screen that guards these brilliant new screens against damage during drops. These cases also elevate the screen when your device is resting face down on a surface to prevent scratches.

Cases that are disaster-proof

These cases are put through the ringer. First, they go through an environmental chamber, which exposes the cases to high heat, low temperatures, and high humidity. Speck's Clear cases go through UV testing to make sure they stay clear: no yellowing or cloudiness here. Then, cases are run through a chemical test. From hand cream and skin lotions to oils, sunscreens -- even mayonnaise -- different chemicals are introduced to the cases to test for degradation or damage.

Finally, it's time to get a little rough. Each case is dropped multiple times against pavement, dirt, concrete, and hardwood floors to test against extreme drops. Depending on what case you choose, Speck gives you drop protection anywhere from 8 -15 feet. The best part? All Presidio cases are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. A phone this pricey is going to need to last for a while, and Speck is here to make sure that happens.

Slim and sleek styles

If you're lucky enough to get a new iPhone this Fall, you are going to want to show it off. Enter Speck's Presidio Clear case. It's the only full dual-layer clear case on the market. With a special polycarbonate shell and shock-absorbing clear material molded together, you get two layers of protection, all in one piece. Two layers are key. Speck's Presidio cases are built specifically for glass-backed phones, like each of the new iPhones. Even the iPhone 8 and 8s come with glass backs, replacing the aluminum of previous generations of iPhones.

Even if you need rugged protection, Speck has you covered with a slim case. Presidio Ultra offers four layers of protection against dirt, dust, and drop and it's 16% slimmer than the leading rugged case. It's easier to install too, with a removable bumper that gives you the flexibility of slim protection or rugged protection.

Charged and ready to go

One of the most exciting features of the new phone? Wireless charging. Each of the new line of iPhones features magnetic induction, meaning they can now be charged by being placed on a charging pad as opposed to charging through a cable. Apple believes the iPhone X's will have a battery life of more than two hours longer than the iPhone 7— even with all the camera features and high-tech OLED display.

That's right: you might not have to plug in your phone to juice up your battery. Electricity doesn't pass through metal, which is why Speck's durable polycarbonate cases are the best option for a remote-charge. Make it easy for the charge to reach your phone with a sleek, plastic case. In even better news, Apple will adopt the Qi standard, meaning the charging stations from companies like Mophie and Belkin will be compatible for charging your new phone. Even so, Apple is releasing its own charging accessory called AirPower. Nothing stands in your way: power up, and head out.

Truly augmented reality

Apple has been all about AR this year with the June announcement of their new augmented reality development kit (ARKit). The new iPhone X puts the power of AR in your hands, with hot new features like a rear-facing 3D laser system that supports AR depth detection and autofocusing. The vertical orientation of the camera lenses means any old case won't fit the new phone. This is a big deal -- the last thing you want is a case getting in the way of your augmented reality. Speck's cases are built to not interfere with your phone's the camera or flash. This is a big deal — the last thing you want is a case getting in the way of your augmented reality. Speck's cases are built to not interfere with your phone's the camera or flash.

Get your Speck case today

You can pre-order the new line of phones online starting in September, when the new iPhone 8/8s become available for pre-order on September 15. The iPhone X will be available for preorder October 27 and available in stores on November 3 -- of course, waiting in line is half the fun. Prepare by ordering your protection now: Speck is ready for whatever the new iPhone brings! Head over to their site now to find your new case.

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