UpTrade disrupts the used phone marketplace

iPhone X multitasking
iPhone X multitasking (Image credit: iMore)

The folks at UpTrade, who have been buying used phones for awhile now, have expanded their service recently to start selling those phones. They're doing a lot to make the experience leagues ahead of other used marketplaces like Facebook or eBay.

UpTrade has developed a robust certification program to ensure every buyer gets exactly what they expect. A rigorous inspection process starts with sanitation. Then they test battery levels to make sure they're healthy enough for daily use. UpTrade runs the device in question through a CheckMEND report, which ensures it's not blacklisted due to theft. Then, before they put it up for sale, they take original, authentic photos all around the device so buyers can be fully informed about the condition of their purchase.

Often when you're buying used, it's final sale only, but UpTrade has a 30-day trial period on all purchases. If you're not getting what you paid for, you just ship it back. You normally only get this sort of protection when buying a device brand new. If you need additional peace of mind, UpTrade Protect is a way buyers can get even more coverage on their device.

At the end of the day, this system adds way more assurances than you would normally be able to find when buying a used phone. Whether you're buying online, from service providers, or from retail channels, knowing what you're paying for is often a major roadblock. UpTrade is attempting to build the highest level of transparency possible so you can feel confident when you're buying your next phone.

So skip the quality compromises, the haggling, and the poor selection of those other used phone marketplaces. UpTrade brings a lot to the table, and should be your first stop when you're on the hunt for an affordable device.

Simon Sage

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