iMore on ABC15: Apple expected to announce new iPhone 5 Wednesday

Our own editor-in-chief, Rene Ritchie spoke briefly with Kirk Yuhnke of ABC15 in Arizona about what we can expect from the iPhone 5 event today. Check out the video!

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iMore on ABC15: Apple expected to announce new iPhone 5 Wednesday


What more can we "expect"? Rene already told us everything we need to know about the iPhone 5. Heck, he should give Apple's keynote address! LOL!

After selling my 3GS, I've been keeping an eye out for something from Apple that would bring me back. But it hasnt happened yet. There just isn't any harware or software that is truely stands out. It looks the same, it acts the major updated software. I'll be watching today, but I really dont see anything leeked that is really spectacular. Am I missing something? What are everyone elses reasons to ditch their 4S for the 5? Bigger screen? I saw the keynote on the Lumia 920...that looks pretty cool. I like the idea of wireless charging and the screen seems to be boasted as better than retina display. And if the camera is as good as the youtube videos I've been seeing...its quite the monster. Your thoughts? (P.S. Siri isn't so hot. I've played with my folks and some of my friends...while I like the humour and personality, she is kinda useless. I hope the upgrade in iOS6 is more than what they claim, because TellMe does most of that already. Anyone try voice assistance on Android? Never tried it)