Your iPhone can now control your EV charger, kitchen appliances, and more thanks to Matter 1.3

Matter introduction slide from an Apple WWDC keynote.
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A new version of Matter, the Apple-backed smart home standard that aims to revolutionize how people interact with Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem and beyond, has been released. It's version 1.3, which brings support for EV chargers, kitchen appliances, and laundry machines to the standard. All devices will benefit from this, but iPhone users will be able to control them through HomeKit and the Apple Home app.

Matter 1.3 was unveiled on May 8, and it's all about variety. Electric vehicle chargers, laundry dryers, microwave ovens, ovens, cooktops, extractor hoods, leak detectors, and even rain sensors are now supported. Plus, kitchen and laundry appliances can now join the Matter party, meaning that smart home aficionados can finally bring their kitchen into their automated routines.

Feeling guilty about your carbon footprint? This update also introduces energy tracking, giving you a clear picture of how your smart devices guzzle electricity throughout the day. Manage your power usage straight from your iPhone to save a few quid and cut back on waste. Plus, your connected TV just got more capable. Matter 1.3 brings in push notifications that alert you when other devices complete their tasks

What even is Matter?

For the uninitiated, Matter is a smart home connectivity standard that will link nearly every smart home device on the market, including Apple HomeKit devices, but extending to devices that previously weren’t compatible with HomeKit, such as Alexa-powered speakers and more.

For Apple users and HomeKit enthusiasts, this is great news. Matter simplifies your HomeKit ecosystem so that you can add almost any smart home accessory to your existing setup, even if it doesn’t necessarily support HomeKit. As long as it supports Matter, you’ll be fine. Matter also means that if you want to start building a smart home from scratch, you don’t have to choose between HomeKit or any rival ecosystem. Rather than be locked into one forever, you can simply choose the products that work best for you without fear that they won't be compatible.

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