This Airpod case and iPhone stand from VogDUO will cradle your tech in handcrafted leather

VogDUO Leather Meets High Tech
VogDUO Leather Meets High Tech (Image credit: VogDUO)

Innovative accessories for your Apple products

As an Apple user, you demand the very best for your technology. From the powerful iPhone series 12 to the crisp, clean sound of the Airpods and Airpods pro, your tech is both state-of-the-art and fashionable. So why should your Apple accessories be any different?

VogDUO, the consumer electronics design company best known for their sleek and fashionable power solutions, believes that your tech accessories should reflect the same high standards that made you choose Apple in the first place. With that in mind, VogDUO is launching their latest products on Indiegogo. This Indiegogo campaign features two accessories, an Airpods case and an iPhone stand, both handcrafted from genuine Italian leather. Both products are ready for production and are guaranteed to ship within 30 days.Get your Early Bird Discount now at Indiegogo!

VogDUO Airpods Case Package (Image credit: VogDUO)

Never lose your AirPods again

Since AirPods first hit the market, they have revolutionized the wireless earbud. However, it's so easy to misplace their tiny case. Wouldn't it be easier if you could just clip your Airpods to your belt or bag? That's exactly what the folks at VogDUO had in mind when they designed this Airpods case. Available for both Airpods and Airpods Pro, this fashionable case is made from genuine Italian leather that has been vegetable tanned for a product that is both eco-friendly and sturdy. This case comes in four different colors and two options, featuring either a belt loop or a keyring. The belt loop variety is available in black and tan, while the keyring variety is available in red and emerald green.

VogDUO Airpods Case (Image credit: VogDUO)

This ingenious design latches on securely to your belt or bag, keeping your Airpods close at hand and safe. No more fishing around in the bottom of your bag and no more worrying about misplacing your Airpods. This case is also designed with a slot for your charger so you never need to remove your Airpods to charge them. Above and beyond utility, it also looks great and has the luxurious feel of soft but durable leather.

VogDUO iPhone Stand Package Red (Image credit: VogDUO)

A must have stand made from genuine leather

Whether you're on the go or at home, this next product from VogDUO will also take your iPhone to the next level. Handcrafted from the same fine Italian leather, VogDUO's iPhone stand is the perfect place for your iPhone to call home. Available in a natural tan and a flashy red, this stand can support any iPhone from the iPhone 6 series up to the new iPhone 12 series. The sleek design of this stand allows it to lay flat, at only a tenth of an inch in thickness, taking up virtually no room in your bag or briefcase.

VogDUO iPhone Stand (Image credit: VogDUO)

Both lightweight and durable, this folding stand is super easy to use - just three quick button snaps and your stand is ready to go. The back loop can be used to securely fasten your MagSafe wireless charger into place, allowing you to wirelessly charge while your phone is still readily accessible, perfect for FaceTime, streaming videos, or even just keeping your phone visible while you work. There's even enough space to keep your Airpods on the stand with your iPhone. Get yours now at Indiegogo!

VogDUO Logo Black (Image credit: VogDUO)

High quality from a trusted brand

Both of these accessories have been produced with the same high standards VogDUO applies to all of its products. VogDUO sources its genuine Italian leather from the best in the business, using only proven, traditional methods of vegetable tanning to avoid heavy metal pollution. Both the stand and case have been thoroughly tested to assure durability, having passed 500 times of bending test, 1000 times of button buckling tests, and 500 times of pulling tests. Even as the leather becomes softer and more supple with use, it will retain its durability in a way other materials, like PVC, ABS, and metal, commonly used for accessories can't.

VogDUO Kickstarter Airpods Case Iphone Stand (Image credit: VogDUO)

Save by backing early on Indiegogo

Both the VogDUO leather Airpods case and iPhone stand can be yours for up to 60% off MSRP if you back VogDUO's Indiegogo starting January 20. If stretch goals are met, the Indiegogo will also feature brilliant yellow and aqua green options for both designs of the Airpods case. There is even an option for laser engraving to add that personal touch to your Airpods case.

Having been in the business for over two decades, you can back VogDUO with confidence. Both the Airpods case and the iPhone stand have gone through rigorous quality testing and will be ready to ship out promptly with a guaranteed thirty day shipping. Retail packages are also available.

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